Steering Success from a Solid Foundation in Healthcare Excellence

Steering Success from a Solid Foundation in Healthcare Excellence Founded since 2000, Asia Healthcare combine innovation and consumer insights to develop quality healthcare brands and products that consumers trust. We specialized in consumer products, namely dietary supplement, skin care and personal care range of products that encompasses a wide range of health categories.

As the experienced parent company, Yanling Group, with over 30 years in supplement manufacturing, is the strong foundation behind Asia Healthcare Sdn Bhd’s success. This partnership blends YanLing’s long-standing experience with Asia Healthcare’s fresh ideas, creating a powerful team ready for success and distinction in the industry.

Our Mission

Empowering and Inspiring Everyday Wellness and Beauty: Uniting Nature and Science to Craft a Comprehensive Range of Supplements, Skincare, and Personal Care Products. Guiding Healthier Well-Being and Radiant Beauty

Our Vision

Deliver Uncompromising Quality Products to Consumers

Serve as an Exceptional Business Partner

Pioneering a Global Movement for Health & Well-Being

Connect with Us

We invite you to embark on a journey for exploring excellence in Wellness, skincare and Personal Care. We eagerly await the opportunity to assist you on your path to radiance